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At Leather Dye, we provide customers with high-quality leather repair products and more. Read below for some of the frequent questions we answer for customers.

Q: Can any leather be matched?

A: Yes, any leather can be matched

Q: Are the products eco-friendly?

A: Yes, our leather dyes are water-based and thus environmentally and user friendly.

Q: How long will the colouring last?

A: This depends on the use of your vehicle, but our products are meant to act as a long-term solution for leather care.

Q: Do you match sample colours if provided?

A. Yes, if you send in a colour sample or leather sample we will do our best to have the colour matched to your specifications. In addition, you can provide us the chassis number of your vehicle, including make, model and year and we can do our best to find a colour match that way.

Q: Are there care instructions to maintain the leather?

A: Yes. Essentially you must clean the leather thoroughly. Use a nail cleaning brush and give it a scrub, wipe off with paper towel to remove any loose dirt. You can then condition the seats to replace lost moisture. Massage the conditioner into the leather and leave overnight. Most of the conditioner will have soaked in but the following day you should wipe the seat with a damp cloth to remove any excess moisture. At this point, you will find that some of the cracks will have "healed" somewhat.

After allowing the seat to dry, sponge the dye onto the seat. Do not be in a hurry to cover the damage. Using a light coat followed by another approximately 2 hours later, it could take as many as 4-5 coats to complete. This allows the dye to be absorbed and the water to dry off.

Be aware that whilst many find their seats "like new", age and patina are a factor of leather that makes it the desirable product it is, meaning you may not find the same result as the next person or the last person. However, you will get rid of the nasty looking "scabs" and give the appearance of the leather interior a consistent colour that is most satisfying.

Q: Are there models of the vehicles which you don’t have colours for? 

A: Our small kit has been designed primarily for touching up scuffs, nicks and scratches for leather interiors of motor vehicles. Common purchases are for Jaguar, Range Rover, BMW, AUDI, Mercedes Benz and SAAB. We also supply kits from samples supplied of Rolls Royce, Bentley and many classic motor vehicles although we have many colours already on file. Contact us for details.

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