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BMW Car leather Seat dye e36 e46 e81 e90 e60 M3 635 740 540 x5 x3 x1 e24


We have had samples of many BMW models but a sample would always be welcome to replenish and ensure accuracy but common colours include





X5 two tone in grey, beige & green

Z3 '01 Topaz Blue [Q2-PB]

Z4 2003. Dream Red

'M' Stripes 2 x blue 1 x orange

"Lotus White" 80’s & 90’s

"Lotus Grey" 80’s early 90’s

"Montana grey" 80’s-90’s

"Silver Grey" 90’s+

"Cirrus Blue" 80’s

"Indigo Blue" 80’s-90’s

"Pacific Blue" 80’s

"Estoril Blue" 90’s

"Lagoon Blue" 2000+

"Atlantis Blue" 2002.

"Lava Blue" 2005.

"Electric Blue"

"Mauritius Blue" 90’s

"Sand" 90’s [075N]

"Light Sand 90s [095L]

"Pearl" beige 90s

"Natural" 80’-90s [0295]

"Sand" 80’s

"Sand Beige" 2000+ [N6SN]

"Aubergine" 90’s

"Champagne" 90’s +

"Saffron" 90’s +

"Kiwi" 2004

"Rabbit red" ’00 Z3

"Cardinal red" 80’s

"Oxblood" 90’s

"Alpina" red 90’s

"Imola" red 90’s

"Parchment" 80’s

"Olive Green" 80’s

"English Green" 90’s

"Stone green 90’s+[07GN]

"Modena" 90’s

"Cream Beige" 2000+[LEGE]

"Savannah" 80’s-90’s

"Lemon" 90’s

"Oregan Beige" Z3 90’s

N6TT grey, 3 shades

’97 purple/grey [N8TT]

"Light Olive" '04

"Lemon" [L7] '04

S/Africa Flannel Grey

2006 Dakota Lemon B7

Cabrio 2006 Very Light Beige

5 (E65) 2006 L’tan

M3 1999 "Santorin Blue"

E36 M3, ?, Mexico Green (Dark Green)

3 Convertable 1998 Violet Blue

80/90's Light Silver Grey

E92 M3, 2007, Fox Red

X5, 2010, Beige Nevada

E92 M3, 2007, Fox Red

840 C1, 1990, Very Light Grey

Z3, 2000, Dark Beige

Estate, 2005, Naska Beige (U6BA)

BMW 5, 2006, Tan/Brown

BMW 325I, 2003, Yellow/Beige

BMW M3, 2007, Dakota Beige

BMW X5, 2006, (LLC6) Lemon

BMW 318, 2004, Scritto V8TMM

BMW X5, 2004, Lava Grey V9KW

Black LWSW,

Grey LCAD,

Oyster LCCX,

Cream Beige LEGE,

Coral Red LWDI,

Saddle Brown LCDJ,

Silverstone II KKA9,

Red/Brown LZZZ,

Lemon ;WB7,

Ivory/White LZEW,

Alaska Grey LWAL

BMW X5. 2000.

Light Dakota Beige.

BMW 335D. 2007. "Terra" Brown.

BMW. Light Yellow.

BMW Z4. 2007. "Champagne"

BMW 6. 2008. "Indianapolis Red"

BMW X3. 2005. Bright Tan

BMW. 1990. Dunked Grey/Dark Grey

BMW 2008. Jade Grey Dalio

2000 Montana Grey with red tint

2000 Grey N6TT

X3 2005 Mid Grey

2005 v/p/Beige

80's early 90's Dark Silver Grey

1994 Very Dark Grey

7 Series 90's Mid Grey

2002 Light Grey/Mid

1989 Smokey Blue

80's Dark Blue

Early 90's Very Dark Blue

E36 1993 Dark Blue

E30 Mid 90's Black

2002 Dark Black

330i 2003 Lightest Black

X330i 2003 Beige

5 series 2001 Dark Black N6SW

Z3 Dark Brown

X528i 1997 Light Beige

M528X 1985 Sand

X5 2002/3 Beige

318i Magnolia

? 1999 Sand Beige Light 095L

Z3 US Import Dark Beige

? Silver Grey with Blue Tint

735i 1997 Mid Grey

850ci 1992 Mid Grey

3 series 2002 Mid Grey with Blue Tint

2002 Mid Grey

90's Grey

2000 Very Matt Black

1992 Black

1997 Dark Blue

1985 Pacific Blue X

1994 Dark Blue

X5 2003 Pale Grey

Silver Grey with Blue Tint

1989 Silver Grey very dark

1996 Dark Grey

Black very dark

M3 Napper Black NS5W

BMW 2002 Black

1992 + Black

Z3 Black

2001 Not Deep Black with Yellow Tint

1997 Beige with Pink Tint

Z1 1998 Dark Green

645si South Africa 2005 Cream Beige

X5 4x4 2002 Light Beige (lightest)

2004 Beige N6WC

BMW Convertible Pale & very Yellow Beige

BMW 3 Convertible 1994 Beige

328 1998 Beige

BMW 1988 Beige

740 1996 Beige 0231

BMW 5 2000 Sand 075NLEA

1999 Very pale Beige

1994 Sand (brightest)

XE30 1986 Beige

1996 Sand 36

Mid 90's Beige

X3M E36 2002 Beige

BMW Light Beige

2001 Light orangey Beige

X5 2003 Green (darker)

BMW 1995 Light Champagne

Z3 1998 Dark Beige

350ci 2002 Beige

X5 4x4 2003 Light Green (lightest)

BMW Convertible 1994 Dark Red/Burgundy

Z3 2001 Dark Red

E46 M3 2004 Pale Green

1994 Pale Blue

635i 1985 Olive Brown

635 Reddy Brown

3 Series E46 2001 Beige

2004 Light Grey

X5 4x4 Light Grey

E46 M3 1998 Beige 0321

Beige Light

1999 Pearl Beige

2004 Beige

M3 Very Pale Grey (almost white)

Lotus Grey / grey tint

5 Series 1997 Beige

735i 1999 Beige

330 Creamy Beige

1990's Yellow

BMW Norway 1999 Creamy Beige 07LG

633 1979 Creamy Beige

6 Coupe 1988 Dark Beige

1994 Beige

325 Convertible USA 1992 Beige

X5 4x4 2001 Beige

Z3 1999 Mid Blue

5 Series 1978 Dark Blue

BMW Compact 1994 Light Greeny Blue

E Convertible 1989 Blue/ Grey

Black with blue tint

1989 Black (not deep)

M3 1988 Black

5 Series 1997 Pale Grey

BMW 2005 Sedona Mid Grey

1990's Dark Blue

635 csi 1983 Dark Blue

1984-85 Greeny Beige 0158

Silver Grey with blue tint

Z3 2001 Dark Red

X5 Light Beige

5 series 2000 Creamy Beige

X5 4x4 2001 Light Grey (dark version)

1999 Creamy Beige

635 csi Greeny Beige

Compact 2001 Pale Lime Green

X5 4x4 Two tone light shade

Light Beige

Late 80's Beige 0231

BMW Light Tan/Beige

635 1989 Mid Grey

M3 2004 Beige N6HC

730i 1995 Mid Grey

Light Grey

535i Brown

730I 1992 Dark Blue

Early 90's Black

1980's 0321 Beige

Convertible 2002 Beige

3 1990 Beige

M3 1989 Mid Grey

Z1 1991 Dark Grey

Silver Grey with Blue Tint

1985 Beige

520D 2000 Beige

X5 Chinese Copy Mid Grey

Highline 635csi 1988 Grey

330i Sport 2000 Grey

1990's Beige

X3 2005 Creamy Beige

X5 Pale Green light

M3 Evo11 Grey

M3 1989 Black Scwartz 0203

Black with yellow tint

3 Series Beige

BMW 1990's Beige 0231

325i 1990 Brownish Grey

BMW South Africa Beige

BMW 1990's Tan

? Blue ?

X5 2002 Light Grey

Very Blue Grey

5 Series 2000 Light Beige

X5 4x4 2001 Grey dark

483 2000 5836858 Dark Grey

1984 Medium Blue

1987 Beige

E46 2001 Red 2N6 (Brighter than Cardinal Red)

330 2004 M/Grey

525 2000 Beige (very yellow)

330D 2001 Black

3 Series 2002 Beige

M3 2002 M/Grey

520i 2002 Champagne code 21XX

E46 2001 Tanin (2N6) Red

M3 Sports Convertable 2005 Dark Red

X5, 2002, Very Pale Beige

BMW 635 Highline. 1986. Dark Grey

Please remember to state the colour required or send the chassis number

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